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Zonetail’s mobile app goes live in Moncton

May 17, 2016  

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Toronto-based Zonetail Inc. and the Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc.’s (DMCI), Moncton’s business association, have launched a mobile app platform the two say is designed to “showcase Moncton’s downtown area and services.”

The platform will connect citizens, visitors, investors and workers to the amenities and services in Moncton’s downtown area such as restaurants, services, events and transportation, through their own mobile devices.

“Citizens, visitors, downtown workers and investors will have the ability to explore and to have information about our downtown on their smart phones in both official languages,” said Anne Poirier Basque, executive director of the association. .

Mark Holmes, CEO of Zonetail, said his company will be closely monitoring the data collection process to ensure that it enables “DMCI to gather the information that is most useful in measuring economic activity.” He added that the firm is planning to develop similar applications for other cities in Canada and throughout North America.

The mobile technology company provides an anchored local mobile platform, custom-branded to hotels, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood.

To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with an estimated 25,000 hotels as well as over 1,800 condominium buildings.

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