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White paper uncovers major ‘challenges’ in IoT installation projects

September 20, 2016  

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IoT Analytics, a provider of market insights for the Internet of Things market, announced today the publication of a white paper it said serves as a guide to streamline IoT solution development. Designed to help companies steer through the challenging solution development process to accelerate their IoT endeavors, 16 specific learnings are cited from recent projects across the five major phases of IoT Solution Development.

“The paper breaks down IoT solutions into five distinct layers and 15 components in order to further simplify the complexity of end-to-end IoT solutions,” IoT Analytics said.  “To assist companies in better understanding the offerings of IoT solution providers, IoT Analytics showcases a high-level comparison of eight major IoT solution providers, including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Intel, GE, Google, PTC and SAP.

It also reveals that IoT projects are increasingly relying on existing out-of-the-box solutions and that 29% of companies look to IoT cloud platforms to lead their solution development projects.

Additionally, the white paper discusses three areas that demand special attention when developing IoT solutions in detail: Security, Interoperability and Manageability.

“Our research shows just how challenging IoT Solution Development still is in 2016,” said IoT Analytics’ managing director, Knud Lasse Lueth. “We estimate approximately 3,000 new enterprise IoT projects will be launched in 2016. I recommend that these project teams read our guide to avoid making mistakes others have made and instead follow a structured solution development framework.”

Microsoft Corp. sponsored the initiative; however, IoT Analytics pointed out in a release that its research and analysis were conducted independently.