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Wavefront expands, relaunches its Wireless Zones initiative

December 7, 2016  

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Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre Society, a national centre of excellence, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. today announced the expansion and re-launch of its Wireless Zones in six accelerator facilities across Canada.

The device libraries have now expanded to carry over 1,000 devices including, smartphones, tablets, sensors and wearables, spread across locations in Vancouver, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. The addition of sensors and wearables is to help augment the commercialization of applications being developed for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Through agreements with Rogers, Samsung and Sierra Wireless, Wavefront said in a release it is able to provide a range of hardware devices and SIM services that help developers, UI/UX designers and QA personnel test their mobile applications across a variety of operating systems and environments, with minimal rental and data costs. Wavefront has partnered with Communitech, Invest Ottawa, Centennial College, CEIM and Volta to deliver this essential service through hosting Wireless Zones in their facilities.

Startups and SMEs can access these devices to help get their products to market faster and more effectively. This past year, the device libraries have recorded over 4,542 rental days using 407 handsets. With the increase in devices available for testing, Wavefront anticipates seeing a significant increase in usage throughout the next year.

“Being able to provide a resource such as the Wireless Zones have contributed to enabling the companies we work with to accelerate their time to market by four to five months, while also saving them considerable costs in building their businesses,” said Wavefront CEO, James Maynard

With the rapid rise of applications being developed for connected devices in industries such as healthcare, retail, smart-home automation, smart communities, and in-vehicle technologies, developers are keenly aware that success hinges on their applications performing without fail for the end user; and testing is necessary for that outcome, the firm said.

“We all have a role to play in supporting Canada’s innovation ecosystem,” said Nitin Kawale, president of Rogers Communications enterprise business unit. “We recognize the challenges that some businesses face when it comes to bringing new technologies to market successfully. By providing devices in Wavefront’s Wireless Zone, we hope to give start-ups a big boost – to accelerate their market-readiness and get on with becoming the high growth companies of the future.”