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TORONTO, ON -- The University of Toronto has chosen a wireless access platform from Enterasys Networks Inc. to ensu...

December 10, 2001  

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TORONTO, ON — The University of Toronto has chosen a wireless access platform from Enterasys Networks Inc. to ensure secure mobile network connectivity across its campuses.

Working with partner Compugen Services Limited, a privately owned and operated PC-based systems integrator and service provider, the University selected Enterasys’ RoamAbout wireless system to help increase accessibility to the Internet and campus resources for university students, faculty and staff.

“As the largest university in Canada, it is essential that we ensure our students and faculty are equipped with access to the Internet and University resources whenever they need it,” said Norman Housley, manager NDIS for the University of Toronto. “As our campus grows, computer labs become more overcrowded. Likewise, with an increasing number of students bringing laptops to school, the use of the labs is also somewhat bothersome and inconvenient. With wireless technology, we can offer connectivity in a much more simplified, convenient and cost-effective manner to better serve our users.”

In addition to reducing lines at campus computing labs and providing more convenient access, the University is also employing the system’s advanced security features to protect the wireless infrastructure.

“It is very important that we protect our network with the best security measures available. Utilizing RoamAbout’s authentication features, we are able secure the network from unauthorized devices,” says Housley. “In addition, we have implemented 128-bit data encryption to provide the highest level of security.”

Students, faculty and staff can purchase wireless PC cards at various locations on the university’s campuses. In addition, the cards can be purchased online via Compugen’s web portal – eMerge Enterprise.

The wireless implementation is following a phased approach. Phase one will encompass approximately 100 Access Points, covering the University’s Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough campuses when finished.

“The University of Toronto is one of the top-ranking research universities in North America. In such an environment, where access to information is critical, the network must be available whenever, wherever it’s needed,” said Jim Sims, senior VP, Americas sales for Enterasys Networks. “Enterasys’ RoamAbout technology allows the University to expand the availability of its network and provide secure, dynamic access for its students and faculty, thereby fostering a more flexible and collaborative campus network environment.”

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