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TmaxSoft expands into Canada, appoints Sarangi CEO

January 18, 2016  

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TmaxSoft Canada Inc., a multinational technology firm focused on infrastructure software, has formally announced its expansion into the Canadian market with the launch of a new Mississauga, Ont. base of operation.

TmaxSoft’s technologies provide options to companies looking to move and modernize data to the cloud for use in applications and in data analysis.

The company specializes in legacy modernization, middleware, database and infrastructure software offerings, with technology applicable across verticals that include financial services, retail, government, utilities and telecommunications. The company says it expects to triple their employment numbers this year in Canada, with additional growth expected in the years following.

“At TmaxSoft, we commit 45% of our revenues to research and development, so it’s crucial for us to locate in regions that support innovation,” said Satya Sarangi, the new president and CEO of the Canadian operation.

“As we embark on securing an expanded Canadian presence, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were identified as the ideal location for our Canadian headquarters. The GTA contains an impressive pool of technology talent, globally-respected innovation hubs and some of Canada’s largest and most cutting-edge organizations.”

TmaxSoft’s global headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea, with area headquarters in 12 countries including Canada, U.S., U.K., Brazil and India. Further information is available at