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Three Siemon systems support ratified IEEE 10GBASE-T transmission speeds

The Siemon Company's 10G 6A UTP, 10G 6A F/UTP and Category 7/Class F TERA structured cabling systems meet or exceed...

June 20, 2006  

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The Siemon Company’s 10G 6A UTP, 10G 6A F/UTP and Category 7/Class F TERA structured cabling systems meet or exceed 10GBASE-T performance parameters dictated by the now ratified IEEE 802.3an standard, including strict alien crosstalk performance requirements, the company said in a release issued yesterday.

“Siemon has been ready for 10GBASE-T since we launched our Category 7 TERA solution in 1999,” said Carl Siemon, the firm’s president. “We are pleased that the new standard recognizes Category 7 cabling.”

While the ability to achieve compliant 10GBASE-T performance has been the principal goal for most cabling manufacturers leading up to the standard’s final ratification, the challenge for these groups now shifts toward real-life implementation issues for the end-user, it said.

Factors such as infrastructure security, pathway space, cable management, initial cost, lifecycle cost, noise immunity and global market preferences should be considered by every end-user in their selection of a 10Gb/s-ready solution.

Siemon’s three 10Gb/s-ready cabling systems represent the three cabling constructions recognized within IEEE 802.3an: Category 6A UTP, Category 6A F/UTP (screened) and Category 7 S/FTP (fully shielded).

“No single 10GBASE-T cabling option is right for every customer,” said Robert Carlson, Siemon’s vice president of marketing. “As people become more savvy about potential solutions, the strength and viability of each becomes clear and decisions are based on actual customer needs as opposed to habit or comfort.”