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Teradata, Cisco partner up on analytics for Smart Cities

March 7, 2018  

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Teradata says it is working with Cisco on a digital transformation offering that will focus on smart cities and communities. Combining Cisco’s IoT platform, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, with the Teradata Analytics Platform, it is designed to help cities become smarter and more connected via an integrated data exchange.

Data collection and management within a city is often decentralized and stored in departmental silos, where each city manager creates a “cockpit” of data and a set of tools for managing specific city facilities, the two companies said in a release.

They added that this approach makes it difficult, if not impossible, to generate a city-wide view of the data and as a result, disparate data silos must be integrated to reveal insights about the city as a whole.

“Far too many cities do not fully recognize the value of their data,” said Anil Menon, global president for Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco. “Once data is aggregated, customers using Teradata’s analytics can leverage the resulting contextualized information to guide planning, monetization and broader economic development efforts that keep cities livable, sustainable and resilient.”

Stephen Brobst, chief technology officer at Teradata, said that data is the foundation of value creation in today’s digitally enabled society,” said “Cities are currently undergoing a seismic shift in thinking to recognize that their data has real value that can enable new services and capabilities to better serve their citizens and visitors. Accomplishing this requires that smart cities tap into a comprehensive and robust analytics ecosystem.”