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Scarborough, Ontario -- Telus Mobility today announced the launch of its national 1X wireless network and a 1X mobi...

June 3, 2002  

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Scarborough, Ontario — Telus Mobility today announced the launch of its national 1X wireless network and a 1X mobile computing solution called Velocity Wireless. The company says these offerings will provide its Canadian customers with faster and more convenient mobile access to the Internet and corporate networks.

New alliances with Citrix Systems, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd., also announced today, and a number of Data Solutions Channel Partners, will support Telus in providing the end-to-end mobile computing offerings.

“By uniting the enhanced access speeds of Canada’s first national 1X network with the power of today’s portable computing products, Telus Mobility provides clients of all kinds with complete mobile Internet service in major cities across Canada,” said George Cope, president and CEO.

Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks provided Telus with cross-Canada infrastructure systems to create the network, which Telus says represents a major step in its move toward full 3G (Third Generation) high-speed network services.

Telus Mobility 1X is capable of Internet access speeds as high as 144 kilobits per second (kbps) in ideal usage conditions, with typical throughput of approximately 60 kbps.

The service is available in major cities across Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Qubec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg. A service expansion across Canada and into the U.S. (through a roaming agreement with partner Verizon) is planned throughout 2002.

Telus has also introduced Velocity Wireless, an all-in-one mobile computing system that offers clients using portable PCs or PDAs easy access to the Internet, corporate networks and e-mail systems. The Velocity Wireless kit includes the AirCard 555 wireless network card from Sierra Wireless, Inc. and Internet services, such as e-mail and Web space, through

Telus offers 1X rate plans based on data transmitted, rather than billing for airtime used, and does not charge roaming or toll fees in Canada.

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