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Survey shows half of North American firms not prepared for GDPR

May 23, 2018  

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A new survey of IT professionals reveals more than half of North American companies have not taken steps to prepare for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on Friday.

The survey was conducted by data management company ioFABRIC Inc. Respondents represented companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Because GDPR affects all organizations possessing personally identifiable data of EU residents, regardless of where the organization is located, North American and APAC companies are subject to its rules. The survey shows a critical need for businesses in these regions to take additional steps toward data security.

While IT professionals in South America, Africa, and Europe are all aware of GDPR, those in other global regions were drastically less informed. An estimated 15% of North American respondents, and 9% from the APAC region, said they are not familiar with GDPR at all.

Along with the surprising result that 53% of North American companies have not taken any steps toward GDPR compliance, 37% of these respondents feel they are not adequately informed about how its regulations will impact their business. In APAC, 71% said they are not adequately informed, and 43% have failed to take steps to manage GDPR regulations.

In contrast, 83% of respondents from South America, Africa, and Europe report they have taken steps, and 70% are confident they are prepared.

“Worldwide, the primary ways companies are preparing for GDPR is updating their privacy policies and developing new procedures for data management,” ioFABRIC said in a release. “More than one-third reported they have taken each of these steps, and almost as many said they have adopted new procedures for storage management.”

“It’s alarming that there isn’t more awareness in North America, and that there’s a huge preparedness gap in different global regions, even though we’re all obligated to comply with GDPR,” said ioFABRIC CEO Steven Lamb. “What’s still missing is bringing in expert consultants and/or adding hardware and software to deal with GDPR. If I can offer any advice to those whose companies are unprepared, it’s this: don’t wait because the fines for non-compliance are high.”

Further information is available at the following link: ioFABRIC’s Tech Brief.