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Superior Essex PowerWise Fiber supports PoE apps

February 1, 2016  

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Today’s buildings are smarter than ever before, relying on numerous intelligent devices to control lighting, climate, and security, according to structured cabling vendor Superior Essex. As a result, the company today launched PowerWise Fiber, a premises optical fiber cable coupled with copper conductors to support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications, including those with distances that exceed the standard 100m provided by category cables.

“Power-over-Ethernet is a method of distributing power and data to a device using communications cabling, and plays a critical role in smart buildings where numerous devices, such as Nest, intelligent LED lighting and security cameras, can be powered and controlled using a single cabling system,” the company said.

The initial PowerWise Fiber cable design consists of two 2 mm bend-resistant G.657.B3 single mode fiber simplex interconnect cables and two stranded 16 AWG copper conductors. The use of G.657.B3 fiber allows the cable to be installed in environments where the pathway may require a number of 90° turns, yet the attenuation loss will be the lowest of any other typical single mode fiber type, it said.

“Our customers required a small, flexible and durable cable for applications that exceeded the 100 meter reach limitation of Power-over-Ethernet and twisted-pair category cables,” said Dr. Paul Neveux, director of global product management for premises fiber products at Superior Essex. “We designed this composite power and fiber cable especially for security camera applications where the reach often exceeds 100 meters.”



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