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Study reveals 41% of all corporate data is ‘stale’

February 11, 2016  

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In its inaugural Data Genomics Index, information management vendor Veritas Technologies, today released what it described as the “industry’s first accurate view of the composition of enterprise data. This real-time view of today’s corporate data reveals that over 40% of files have remained untouched for three years, creating an opportunity for businesses to positively impact their bottom line costs.”

Findings also reveal that images, developer files and compressed files take up almost one third of the total environment.

“Developer files from a file count perspective are a massive 20% of the total number,” the company said in a release. “When we look at trends over the past 10 years, relative to other file types, presentations have declined 500%. Finally we are trending away from death by PowerPoint.

“With the exception of regulatory or compliance requirements, three years is a general standard for when data goes from potentially relevant to stale.  Incredibly, 41% of the average environment is stale, or unmodified in the past three years.”


The company added that with similar insights into their own data, organizations can prioritize areas to achieve significant returns. Traditional “office” formats such as presentations, spreadsheets and documents take up more stale space then they should, costing organizations unnecessarily.

“One thing we hear all the time from our customers is they’re struggling with two competing forces of nature — the exponential data growth curve, and the restriction of resources and budget to fight it with new servers and applications,” said Steve Vranyes, the firm’s chief technology officer.

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