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SogetiLabs says AI-first model for IT critical moving forward

December 18, 2017  

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Organizations today should place artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of their digital strategies, according to a new report from SogetiLabs.

The last in a series of four qualitative research reports on the topic of Machine Intelligence, ‘AI First: Learning from the machine’ states that profit and economic growth go hand in hand with the proactive deployment of AI. It further asserts that companies can raise their “corporate IQ” by embarking on a new journey of discovery built on intelligent machines. The report is available here.

The latest report declares that AI is the next step in a logical sequence of IT developments over the past few decades: first digital, then mobile and now intelligence (AI).

According to SogetiLabs, this sequence moves from building a transaction medium (characterized by Web sites and hyperlinks), through to the smartphone and its empowerment of the individual (via apps at your fingertips), and on to today’s smarter transaction networks and devices (where you learn and discover by communicating with AI). The report concludes that we are entering a new phase in which AI helps us to make ‘great new discoveries’.

“A new AI focus is essential because your competitors will certainly use it to accelerate their learning — about customers, products, technology — to gain a head start,” says Menno van Doorn, research director at SogetiLabs and co-author of the report.

Artificial intelligence gives machines the ability to perceive, interpret, learn and discover – and even speak to us in a common human language. This new material that organizations must incorporate into their daily business is described in the report as ‘The New Fabric of the Internet’.

‘AI First: Learning from the machine’ explores the latest developments on the journey to being an AI-first organization and recommends a number of actions for improving Corporate IQ with a better understanding of the relationship between man and machine.