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Shaw completes its first successful 5G technical trials

May 22, 2018  

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Shaw Communications Inc. today announced the successful completion of its first 5G technical trials in Calgary. Conducted in collaboration with Nokia, CableLabs and Rohde & Schwarz, Shaw said its trials leveraged 28GHz mmWave and 3.5GHz spectrum and demonstrated the significant and sustained speeds for the next generation of wireless technology.

“5G is set to completely transform the industry with faster wireless speeds that will help usher in the next industrial revolution and enable future technologies that we can only dream of today,” said Zoran Stakic, Shaw’s chief technology officer.

The 5G trials were conducted using pre-commercial equipment at Shaw’s Barlow Campus Technology Centre in Calgary, and leveraged developmental 28GHz licenses provided by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. As part of this trial, Shaw also conducted comparative testing between 28GHz and 3.5GHz spectrum to better understand the interoperability between two of the bands considered vital to the growth and proliferation of 5G.

Marc Rouanne, president of mobile networks at Nokia said 5G preparation is happening this year already in North America, which is sooner than many expected.


“We will enable Shaw to offer very high speed with extremely fast response time that will allow robots and machines to communicate between themselves at the speed of light.”

Ralph Brown, chief technology officer at CableLabs, a non-profit research and development lab, added that the “learnings from this field trial, together with the cross-industry collaboration on this and other cable industry 5G trials, ensure that Shaw and the rest of the industry are well positioned to use their fiber and HFC infrastructure to advance 5G on a broad scale.”

Shaw will continue to conduct technical trials in the coming months to test the 5G ecosystem as part of its larger commitment to improving performance across its LTE-Advanced network.