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SCA now offering free cabling training curriculum to schools

The Structured Cabling Association, Inc. (SCA), the professional society of structured cabling, has created a free ...

July 27, 2007  

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The Structured Cabling Association, Inc. (SCA), the professional society of structured cabling, has created a free PowerPoint presentation for schools wanting to offer training in structured cabling installation for communications and security systems.

The program was created to allow schools to include cabling in their telecommunications or information technology curriculum as early as high school to encourage students to consider this lucrative profession.

Teaching communications cabling needs to be included in technical programs as early as the high school level, says Tom Collins, Professor at Gateway Community & Technical College in Cincinnati, Ohio, a founder of the SCA and a contributor to the curriculum.

Many schools, he added, have communications programs, but lack the materials to teach a cabling course, which are essential to the overall understanding of communications technology.

The SCA, true to its non-profit professional society outlook, created this program to distribute free to instructors to facilitate teaching cabling and particularly to encourage younger students to consider a career in cabling, where jobs currently are readily available.”

The four-part series includes more than 200 PowerPoint slides keyed to the SCA text book, Data, Voice and Video Cabling published by Delmar Learning.

Topics include introduction to communications cabling, introduction to structured cabling, structured wiring and wiring practices and fiber optics in structured cabling.

The PowerPoint slides can be edited in order to allow instructors to adapt the presentations to their classes and add other relevant materials to the slides.

Schools may download the presentations from the SCA web site. Access to the program is available to SCA-approved schools offering SCA certification programs and SCA-registered schools who wish to teach an introductory cabling course without the complete SCA certification curriculum.

To contact the SCA for details, e-mail or phone (760) 451-3655.