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Salesforce promotes Block, unveils product strategy

February 3, 2016  

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Salesforce has named vice chairman and president Keith Block its chief operating officer. He will continue to report to chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, serve as vice chairman and president and serve as a member of Salesforce’s board of directors.

Block, who has been vice chairman and president since joining Salesforce in 2013, will continue to lead global sales, alliances and channels, industry strategy, customer success and consulting services. In addition to these responsibilities, he will oversee the company’s day-to-day operations.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Block served as Oracle’s executive vice president of North America Sales and Consulting.

Meanwhile yesterday, the company introduced the next generation of its Customer Success Platform, Salesforce Lightning, and previewed its product strategy for the first half of its current fiscal year.


“Lightning is fuelling an unparalleled level of innovation across our entire Customer Success Platform,” said Benioff.

Among the pending releases are new advancements coming to Sales Cloud Lightning that include:

* Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ: Built on the Salesforce platform and leveraging Lightning, SteelBrick CPQ is now part of Sales Cloud with the Feb. 1 close of Salesforce’s acquisition of SteelBrick. Now Sales Cloud is the industry’s first comprehensive sales platform that offers everything from lead-to-cash, empowering salespeople to sell faster, smarter and the way they want.

* Lightning Voice: Natively embedded in Sales Cloud Lightning, Lightning Voice will empower reps to connect with prospects faster with click-to-call, auto-logging of calls, and call forwarding to take calls from anywhere.

* SalesforceIQ Inbox: SalesforceIQ Inbox turns employees’ inboxes into a CRM app by bringing the power of Relationship Intelligence to Sales Cloud users directly in their email.

* Sales Wave App: Optimized for sales, the Sales Wave App delivers data-driven insights to reps on any device and empowers them to take action. With Lightning Actions in Sales Wave, sales reps can collaborate, create and update Sales Cloud records directly within Wave. New dashboards for pipeline trending, performance benchmarking and activity management help reps drive better performance and close more deals.

“Salesforce has set the standard for innovation in the cloud, and by association, CRM, delivering an unprecedented three releases per year for the last 17 years,” said Mary Wardley, vice president, enterprise applications and CRM software at IDC.

“Maintaining that pace of innovation is even more crucial as both the pace of technology and customer requirements continue to accelerate and become more complex.”

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