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Rogers says its Unison allows SMEs to drop landlines

July 19, 2016  

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Starting today, Rogers is offering small businesses Rogers Unison, a new mobile offering it said brings the features of a traditional landline phone to their mobile phone and eliminates the need for small businesses to stay tethered to their desk phone.

“We’re bringing a North American first to Canadian small businesses by making it possible for them to use their mobile phone to connect their entire business and team, eliminating the need for dated desk phones,” said Nitin Kawale, president of the firm’s enterprise business unit.

Rogers Unison offers small businesses a web portal to change or modify features such as:

* Look professional with ‘Auto Attendant’: An automated answering system greets customers and directs calls to the appropriate live person based on a directory of options.

* Never miss a call with ‘Hunt Groups’: With Hunt Groups, incoming calls are routed from team member to team member until a live voice answers. This ensures a small businesses’ customer is never left on hold and can always reach someone live.

* Create local identities with ‘Dual Persona’: Now customers can keep their existing local phone number and also use it on their mobile device. They can also appear to have a local presence in multiple regions by adding and routing ‘local’ numbers from multiple regions to their mobile device.

“Canadian businesses increasingly rely on mobile devices to conduct business and they need access to more solutions … that give them the breadth of services traditionally only available on office desk phones” said Mark Goldberg, a telecom industry consultant and founder of Mark H. Goldberg & Associates.


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