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Robots patrolling floors and opening doors

At a security industry event in April, Cobalt Robotics will show an intelligent security robot that can pass through a secured door without human intervention.

March 7, 2019  

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robotsCobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of intelligent security robots used to autonomously patrol indoor facilities, will be introducing a new door integration that enables its security robots to open and then pass through a secured door without human intervention—an industry first.

The new door integration enables robots to pass through closed-off areas by using a secured, wireless, credential that transmits a signal using either Bluetooth or RFID technology to use the door’s access control reader, telling it to open.

The new feature will be unveiled at a security industry event held, April 9-12, in Las Vegas.

In addition to its door integration capability, Cobalt’s robots also feature leak and spill detection sensing technology to identify a leak or spill in a predefined area and then send the proper notification to a Cobalt Specialist.


Cobalt robots are equipped with more than 60 sensors, including day-night cameras, thermal sensors, motion sensors and badge readers, which help detect anomalies and other risks that might not be detected by the human eye.

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