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Proliferation of wireless data changing security landscape

The security risks associated with wireless has spawned a new market for security vendors as the number of business...

December 17, 2003  

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The security risks associated with wireless has spawned a new market for security vendors as the number of business and consumer devices that support the technology continues to rise.

According to high-tech research firm In-Stat/MDR, wireless device security is expected to be a top area of concern for both wireless carriers and network administrators because both groups have a stake in the stability and security of the devices.

The main challenge, it says, is determining whose job it is to secure them.

Corporate IT administrators are torn between the benefits of offering added mobility via wireless devices and the security risks associated with wireless deployment and management.

"Additionally, wireless networks are complicating the security equation, as devices that once were predominantly corporate in nature, are now also accessing wireless data networks via hotspots and public areas," In-Stat/MDR states in a recently released report on wireless security.

"These users may be providing malicious users with a backdoor into corporate networks. Additionally, companies that have deployed wireless networks require additional security layers, as existing security measures built into the wireless standards are weak."

In order to prevent a breach, wireless LAN security gateways and wireless intrusion detection systems have been developed to provide encryption for corporate wireless data and to identify potential hackers to the wireless network.

In-Stat/MDR also found that:

* Within wireless security, there are three addressable markets: Wireless Infrastructure Security, Wireless Device Security and Wireless LAN security. Together these segments are poised to reach US$8.4 Billion by 2008;

* Wireless devices create security vulnerabilities as carriers of malicious data into corporate networks, in addition to being attacked unto themselves, and

* Laptops, cell phones, and PDAs are the most common devices accessing wireless networks, and by far, they are the most at risk within the forecast period. However, the number of devices that can be wirelessly enabled is limitless, and as such, the market for wireless security is expected to evolve beyond these communication devices.

The report, analyzes the worldwide market for wireless security products, ranging from wireless security at the infrastructure, wireless device security, and enterprise wireless LAN security.

It also includes five-year forecasts for wireless infrastructure security equipment, anti-virus, firewall, and VPN for wireless devices, and wireless LAN security gateways and intrusion detection systems.

Priced at US$3,495, further information is available at