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Wago introduces new fieldbus coupler for I/O system

January 8, 2020  

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Wago’s 750-363 EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Coupler is the newest Ethernet/IP adapter coupler to join the company’s I/O System. The product features a fast boot up time and allows access to firmware updates using the Coupler’s onboard web-based management system.

The product can be paired with Wago’s over 500 I/O modules to meet the needs of any I/O application. The 750-363 supports a wide variety of protocols such as HTTP(S), BootP, DNS, SNMP and FTP(S).

Other features include:

  • Dual Ethernet ports eliminating the need for switches or hubs
  • Support of up to 250 I/O modules
  • Add-on instructions to simplify the integration with Allen Bradley master controllers

The 750-363 is the alternative replacement for the Ethernet/IP applications to the 750-352 Fieldbus Coupler. This Coupler is available now.

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