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Visual BACnet Site Manager monitors building networks

New monitoring platform provides an overall view of network health, with the ability to dig into specific problems.

April 3, 2019  

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The latest release from Vancouver-based Optigo Networks helps facility managers understand their building network’s health at the site, zone, and capture node levels. The Visual BACnet Site Manager is a visualization tool for Building Automation Systems (BAS) that gives managers the power to organize, understand, optimize, and collaborate on their building and campus networks.

No matter what the network size or complexity, users can drill down and make sense of their data.

Optigo’s Visual BACnet Site Monitoring is a software platform that lets users track network trends and expose recurring issues.

The Site Manager aggregates different capture nodes across a building or campus network, and calculates overall and individual network health scores. This information is organized into a simplified dashboard. From there, facility managers can monitor and track the overall site score, and pinpoint problem areas.

Monitored sites can be shared at different access levels — Admin or View Only — with coworkers, vendors, contractors, and other parties.

The Network Health Score is a quantifiable measure of the network’s condition, with key issues highlighted for easy reference.

Users can spot problems, drill down, and troubleshoot to resolve.

Email alerts can be set for sudden changes in network health.

Visual BACnet Site Manager becomes officially available April 25, 2019.

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