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Swick Designs launches patented Hyperscale SWK Connector

November 18, 2019  

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SWK Connector

Swick Designs debuted its patented SWK Connector and line of SWK cabling infrastructure products at the 2019 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition, which took place in Las Vegas, Nev. The line also includes the SWK infrastructure patch panel, universal SWK bulkhead flex adapter, SWK structured cables and patch cords and SWK rapid latch system.

The lead product of the line is the SWK Connector, a self-cleaning, self-protecting fiber optics connector that the company says delivers the highest strand capacity in the smallest form factor at the lowest loss attenuation.

Designed by Steve Cheng, who has spent over two decades on architecting, building and operating some of the world’s most advanced connected network infrastructures for Silicon Valley companies, the SWK product line was created to “provide high density and low loss connectivity, ease of installation and manageability, low-cost deployment and operations, and flexibility for growth and scale.”

“Our team is on a mission to revolutionize the industry by creating advanced technology specifically designed to fit the fast-changing needs of the industry’s next-generation connected network infrastructure,” said Steve.

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