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Feature Cabling

New commercial-grade HDMI cables feature high frequency noise suppression

March 4, 2020

ShowMeCables has launched a new series of commercial-grade HDMI cables designed for video transfer, commercial electronics, audio/video installers, video system design and gaming venues. These cables are offered in eight different configurations that meet HDMI 2.0 standards, provide 18 Gbps

Feature HVAC

Johnson Controls launches 27.5-50-ton smart rooftop units

March 4, 2020

Johnson Controls recently launched a new series of 27.5-50-ton commercial rooftop units designed with easy-to-use smart controls. Select rooftop units from the company feature a prepackaged Smart Equipment controls platform with a full array of user-adaptable parameters, and the units


Transition Networks launches switch for large security camera networks

February 20, 2020

Transition Networks, a provider of edge connectivity solutions, has announced a new high-density 48-Port Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switch that offers 176 Gbps switching capacity. The switch is ideal for use in networks that need extensive connectivity for high-resolution IP cameras,

Feature CablingConnected Devices

L-com’s angled USB cables ideal for hard-to-reach locations

February 20, 2020

L-com has released a new line of angled USB cables that are ideal for hard-to-reach locations and increase airflow in systems where space is unavailable. The new angled cables consist of 315 models with 90-degree or 45-degree angled connectors, USB

Feature Wireless

EnGenius launches next-gen outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point

February 4, 2020

Networking company EnGenius Technologies Inc. has announced a high-capacity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) outdoor access point. The new EWS850AP weatherproof access point uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to support the ever-growing bandwidth demands of densely congested outdoor environments, such as stadiums, airports,

Feature Wireless

New ProLine 8-port, horizontal/vertical polarized sector antenna from KP

February 4, 2020

KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of wireless network antennas, recently launched a new horizontal/vertical polarized, 8-port ProLine sector antenna designed for broad-frequency, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and backhaul applications. The new KPP-2HV5HVX8-65 ProLine horizontal/vertical polarized sector antenna operates in the 2.3 GHz

Feature Datacentres

Chatsworth Products to unveil next-gen eConnect Power Distribution Units

January 29, 2020

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is set to unveil the next generation of its eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs) during the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition. Since its release in 2012, CPI’s eConnect PDU has provided intelligent rack power distribution and

Feature Network Equipment

Douglas introduces WRS-232 for large multi-building applications

January 22, 2020

Douglas Lighting Controls recently introduced the WRS-232 component to its family of Dialog control systems. Designed for complete facilitation for large multi-building applications, the new technology allows integration of third-party systems, in addition to BACnet IP, into Douglas’ centralized lighting

Feature Certification

New branding and certification for Zigbee Alliance’s Green Power feature

January 22, 2020

The Zigbee Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating open, global IoT standards, has announced new branding and certification measures for its existing Green Power feature, which is based on energy-harvesting technology and part of the flagship Zigbee PRO

Feature Network EquipmentWireless

Wago introduces new fieldbus coupler for I/O system

January 8, 2020

Wago’s 750-363 EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Coupler is the newest Ethernet/IP adapter coupler to join the company’s I/O System. The product features a fast boot up time and allows access to firmware updates using the Coupler’s onboard web-based management system. The product