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New branding and certification for Zigbee Alliance’s Green Power feature

January 22, 2020  

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The Zigbee Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating open, global IoT standards, has announced new branding and certification measures for its existing Green Power feature, which is based on energy-harvesting technology and part of the flagship Zigbee PRO standard.

The new branding – designed to easily identify reliable, cost-saving products featuring Zigbee technology – denotes IoT devices featuring Green Power to save time, budget and energy when it comes to wireless lighting for big installations.

The new Green Power logo is now a required mark for all Green Power certified devices. The updated certification process provides refined guidelines around the use of the new logo.

According to Jean-Pierre Desbenoit, senior IoT standardization expert at Schneider Electric and vice-chair of the board for the Zigbee Alliance, the logo, “allows our customers to easily identify and purchase Green Power devices for integrating them seamlessly with their Zigbee system.”

The company says the new logo will aid end users in both the smart home and commercial industries. Green Power is a battery-less feature for smart networks cast across a variety of facilities, such as hotels, factories, retail space, office buildings and more. It offers building executives, commercial installers and integrators a reliable and proven open industry solution based on the Zigbee PRO network specification.

Green Power “enables wireless devices to be powered utilizing energy-harvesting methods with limited or no batteries, thus saving on maintenance costs by reducing the need to replace batteries across large areas on a regular basis.” Additionally, the Zigbee Alliance says this feature in lighting products allows for continued flexibility and cost savings in commercial spaces by enabling internal space to be altered without the limits of wired solutions. For devices in hard-to-reach places, Green Power eliminates the limitations of swapping out batteries. It also provides dramatic ecological savings by leveraging energy harvesting to draw on sources such as motion, light and vibration to operate low-power IoT devices.

“We’re excited to launch this new Green Power initiative so members can utilize a dedicated logo and more robust certification process to clearly designate and qualify devices that support this differentiating eco-friendly, battery-less feature,” said Tobin Richardson, president and CEO, Zigbee Alliance.

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