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Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius IG60 gateway to the cloud

The new wireless IoT gateway securely and reliably connects Bluetooth sensors and legacy serial equipment to the cloud.

March 7, 2019  

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Laird Connectivity has announced its new wireless IoT gateway that securely and reliably connects Bluetooth sensors and legacy serial equipment to the cloud.

The company’s Sentrius IG60 gateway is a smart and secure way to gather actionable IoT intelligence. Collect data via Bluetooth 5, Ethernet, Serial (RS-232/422/485, including Modbus or proprietary protocol support), SD micro, or USB and then send it over high-performance 802.11ac 2×2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi to the cloud.

At its core, the IG60 leverages Laird Connectivity’s 60 Series System on Module (SOM), providing enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance plus Bluetooth 5. The IG60 also leverages the 60 SOM’s Chain of Trust security architecture which provides layers of enterprise-grade security.

The IG60 comes in two variants to provide customers with design flexibility, one built around easily and securely integrating with AWS IoT using AWS Greengrass, and the other with Laird Connectivity’s long-term supported Linux environment.

The IG60 preconfigured for AWS Greengrass is made to simply connect serial equipment or Bluetooth sensors to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass Edge via high-performance Wi-Fi, speeding applications to market.

Laird Connectivity’s pre-configured AWS Greengrass sandbox is built with security and stability at the forefront, including hardware root-of-trust based secured firmware and three years of over-the-air security updates. A companion smart phone app helps connect the IG60 to the local Wi-Fi network, provision, and connect directly to customers’ AWS environments.

The Linux-based IG60 can serve as the main platform for a product, providing a base and development ecosystem that speeds designs to market. The Laird-based IG60 includes Laird Connectivity’s Linux board support package (BSP), Eclipse IDE support, and a customizable SDK, all supported long-term by Laird Connectivity.

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