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L-com releases 402SS spiral strip coaxial cable assemblies

December 17, 2019  

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L-com, a manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has introduced a new series of coaxial cable assemblies that feature 402SS cable that can be used in place of semi-rigid coax in applications requiring increased flexibility.

The new spiral strip coax assemblies can support a frequency of up to 18 GHz, which “is required by many lab and RF test applications and in automated test equipment (ATE) systems,” according to Steve Ellis, product line manager at L-com.

The new LCCA Series 402SS Cable Assemblies provide an alternative to .141 Semi-Rigid (RG402) style cables. These assemblies provide flexibility without limiting performance and in fact exhibit performance characteristics very similar to semi-rigid coax.

“Precision stainless-steel connectors and heavy-duty booting extend the life” of these assemblies. They include several connector options, including male and female SMA and Type-N connectors, Type-N Female bulkhead and male SMA right-angle connector combinations.

The 402SS coax cable features a solid center conductor, PTFE dielectric and a silver-plated copper braid outer shield over a silver-plated copper spiral strip inner shield. This multi-layer shield construction “provides excellent insertion and shielding performance while providing increased flexibility.”

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