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Crowd Insights Wi-Fi tool for managing physical distancing

June 3, 2020  

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June 3, 2020 – GlobalReach Technology—a player in Wi-Fi solutions and services—launched a new tool to help manage physical distancing as offices and venues reopen after lockdown.

Crowd Insights uses existing public Wi-Fi networks to collect anonymous location, volume and movement data, even without user authentication. Pre-set limits identify crowding, triggering alerts for proactive distancing management.

The tool uses data from devices and other wearables to monitor, predict, alert and notify when thresholds are breached with real-time alerts. This helps to identify mass gatherings, traffic pinch points and queues that could risk public health, helping traffic managers find ways to reduce crowding before it becomes a problem.

Alerts, real-time and historic reports are delivered through the Crowd Insights dashboard. The information can also be shown on digital displays for citizens, customers, co-workers, passengers, etc., to encourage them to take action.

The information can provide longer-term understanding of volumes, dwell time and movements to support security, safety and planning, such as changing traffic flows in a shopping centre or opening times for a venue.

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