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Cree Lighting launches Cadiant Dynamic Lighting Experience

October 31, 2019  

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Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting has announced its architectural-grade daylighting solution, Cadiant Dynamic Lighting Experience, is now available for order in Canada and the United States.

“We created a game-changing lighting experience that mimics the arc of a day while offering superior light quality and colour, sure to enhance architectural designs with visual impact and dramatic scene setting,” said Craig Atwater, general manager and senior vice president of Cree Lighting.

Featuring an innovative, proprietary skylight-style design with individual sun and sky features, Cree Lighting says the 2’ by 2’ Cadiant luminaire creates the sensation of natural sunlight and a blue sky in interior spaces without the associated high costs or construction limitations of installing a real skylight.

Using advanced lighting control and colour changing technology, separate sun and sky panels create the east-to-west arc of the sun. A top LED panel represents the sky and can vary from the blue of a very clear day to grey, reminiscent of overcast conditions. Inner LED side panels shift between warm and cool colour temperatures, mimicking the sun’s natural east-to-west movement.

The Cadiant Dynamic Skylight is a standalone that eliminates the hassle of integrating the product into existing technology, while the code-compliant controls and SmartCast Technology allow easy specification.

The system includes a wall-mounted SmartCast touchscreen where Cree Lighting says users can select one of three options: allow the sun to follow the natural east-to-west course of the day; choose from standard presets, including dawn, morning, midday, afternoon and evening; or create and save their own presets by modifying the light levels and colour profiles manually.

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