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CommScope to accelerate enterprise Wi-Fi 6 adoption with new APs

May 21, 2020  

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May 21, 2020 – CommScope has added to its portfolio of access points supporting Wi-Fi 6 technology, promising higher data rates, increased capacity, improved power efficiency and better performance in environments with multiple connected devices.

In addition to the Ruckus R750, CommScope added the R850, R650 and R550 indoor APs, and T750 and T750SE outdoor APs. The APs will be Wi-Fi Certified 6, and optimized for highly dense environments, such as educational campuses, hotels, airports and stadiums.

These new APs, says CommScope, eliminate overlay networks and allow cost savings and easy management using a variety of options: SmartZone network controller, ZoneDirector, Ruckus Cloud and Ruckus Unleashed. The access points also promise comprehensive network intelligence, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Ruckus portfolio of APs—all with embedded IoT—now include:

• R850: 8×8:8 indoor with 5.9 Gbps speeds.

• R750: 4×4:4 indoor with 3.5 Gbps speeds.

• R650: 4×4:4 indoor with 3 Gbps speeds.

• R550: 2×2:2 indoor with 1.8 Gbps speeds.

• T750: 4×4:4 outdoor with 3.5 Gbps speeds.

• T750SE: 4×4:4 outdoor with 3.5 Gbps speeds.

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