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PoE market size to reach US$3.77 billion by 2025

November 22, 2017  

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The global power over ethernet market is expected to reach US$3.77 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

“Rising demand of the cost effective and fast communication owing to increasing internet users is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period,” the authors of the report state. “The increasing adoption of VoIP among the various application industries has also contributed to the market demand.

“The rising deployment of the Ethernet-based RFID readers and security cameras is also expected to boost the market growth. Furthermore, the introduction of PoE Plus is further expected to contribute significantly toward the expansion of the application of technology in high power devices in the industry.

“The increasing trend and demand of consumers for smart home automation and control for centrally managing the appliances and other electric systems has also contributed to the residential sector application growth, hence impacting the Power over Ethernet market in a positive manner.”

The authors add that the “ability of the PoE of increasing the control, monitoring capabilities with the reduced costs and flexible network architectures across the various application segments has also contributed to the enhanced growth. Extensive adoption of the VoIP technology and rising demand for network security cameras are anticipated to drive the demand.

“New launched applications and delivery systems enabling the users to switch to an IP service from a POTS offering a versatile platform are expected to drive the demand and focus of the VoIP over the forecast period. Furthermore, the rising energy costs and increasing adoption of the digital signage technology are also estimated to impel the PoE technology market demand.”