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Panasonic explores disruptive technologies in new industry survey

May 9, 2018  

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Panasonic Corporation of North America has released a new cross-industry survey series entitled Moving Forward, based on research into 10 disruptive technologies within two key solution sets: sustainable energy and integrated supply chain, and across five industries: building & construction, energy & utilities manufacturing, logistics, and food service, hospitality & retail.

“Disruptive technologies are not a new concept,” said Lauren Sallata, the company’s chief marketing officer. “However, the ways and reasons that companies are adopting them are drastically changing. It’s no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have with a focused effort to implement and adopt. The future success of a company likely rests on the use of these technologies, and it’s a very interesting time in numerous industries to see how this is all achieved.”

The 10 disruptive technologies included in this research included: sustainable energy, energy storage, cloud, mobile devices, apps, commerce, Internet of Things, robotics, advanced materials, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

The survey found that:

*Of the 200 companies surveyed, all of them have collectively adopted just under 50% of the 10 technologies, and intend to adopt more than 50% in the near future.

*More than one-third intend plan to adopt seven+ technologies in the near future.

*Technologies with the most widespread adoption (in order) were mobility, cloud, Internet of Things, sustainable energy and robotics.

*Failure to adopt is seen as risky with four of five believing competitors in their own industry will pull ahead if they do not adopt or invest.

*Biggest barriers to adoption: Compliance with government regulations, consumer privacy, security concerns, lack of skilled employees and the lack of expertise for effective implementation.

The research was commissioned by Panasonic Corporation of North America and fielded from December–March 2018 in Canada and the U.S. The survey included 200 CTOs and other senior technology decision makers in organizations with at least 200 employees.