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OpenText showcases future for ‘intelligent and connected enterprise’

July 10, 2018  

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Enterprise information management vendor OpenText today opened Enterprise World 2018, welcoming 5,000 attendees to Toronto for presentations from EIM experts and innovators.

“All industries are facing a series of challenging macro-trends as they transform into intelligent and connected enterprises,“ said Mark J. Barrenechea, the firm’s CEO and CTO. “The new demands of a millennial workforce, the relentless threat of cyberattack, changing modes of work, and newly challenging information privacy and regulatory environments are changing the ways that businesses operate.

“At the same time, digital technology is changing the nature of commerce, work, society, privacy, and security. At OpenText we believe that data and information can be harnessed to ensure these changes make a profound and positive impact on all of our lives.”

Product launches and announcements included OT2, a hybrid EIM platform based on a micro-services architecture. OT2 supports native cloud SaaS applications that can integrate with on-premises deployments to extend new capabilities to customers’ existing investment.


“With a unified data model and a standard user interface, OpenText OT2 enables developers to rapidly build SaaS applications in the Opentext Cloud,” the company said in a release. “OpenText OT2 brings together micro-services for content collaboration, security, process automation, and analytics, enabling customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy powerful business applications to drive digital transformation further into their operations.”

Available now, plans call for the platform to develop with quarterly releases.

Also announced were:

*In a world where more and more devices are connected, endpoints can be anywhere, the company said. At Enterprise World 2018, OpenText demonstrated how combining the identity and access Platform acquired from the acquisition of Covisint and endpoint security vendor Guidance Software will create a new generation of secure IoT applications and services.

*Augmented Intelligence (AI) is automating decisions and transforming the relationships between humans and machines, the company said, adding that it is building “AI into the DNA of its EIM platform. Out-of-the-box integration and new business-user enabled interfaces in OpenText Magellan will provide enterprises with deep and insight into an organization’s information lakes.”

*Demands for increased mobility and workforce collaboration are changing the way companies approach productivity. With new developer functionality added to OpenText Core, organizations can build applications and work-flows on top of their enterprise-wide Core implementations. The addition of forms to Core also allows users to collect data and information for simple and secure business collaboration.