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Nortel pledges to bridge ‘communications divide’ in developing markets

Nortel Networks Corp. today launched a 'Connecting Communities' initiative with plans to provide a community in a d...

September 20, 2005  

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Nortel Networks Corp. today launched a ‘Connecting Communities’ initiative with plans to provide a community in a developing market with wireless broadband-enabled services and applications.

At a press conference in London, Nortel outlined its plan to identify a potential site where it can work to highlight the positive impact of communications networks on healthcare, education and economic development.

The Connecting Communities initiative was launched by Bill Owens, vice chairman and CEO of Nortel and Steve Pusey, who heads up the firm’s operations in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Asia Pacific.

"The developing world can benefit enormously from new communications technology," Owens said. "It has the potential to enhance lives and change the socio-economic profile of a region."

Leading the development of advanced, broadband wireless communications reduces the cost involved in providing wireless network access in developing markets," Pusey said.

"Wireless penetration in Africa is already more than double that of fixed networks, and we feel that there is an opportunity for communications access to be made available to more remote and dispersed areas to stimulate economic, healthcare and educational development," he said.

Nortel plans to demonstrate the applicability of information and communication technologies to improve or solve issues in developing markets.

The potential benefits of the Connecting Communities project include giving local trades people and businesses access to new markets and services, enabling better educational opportunities, and providing improved healthcare, the company said.