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Nortel Networks announces upgrades to its security product portfolio

Nortel Networks has announced enhancements to its portfolio of security products, which the company says are design...

February 25, 2003  

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Nortel Networks has announced enhancements to its portfolio of security products, which the company says are designed to provide greater network protection with improved performance and scalability while simplifying administration of communications infrastructure.

These include Nortel Networks Alteon Security Manager, an offering that consolidates configuration, management and monitoring of the multiple security appliances and embedded security solutions typically employed by enterprises and service providers to safeguard networking and applications infrastructure.

Also included is Nortel Networks Alteon Firewall 5109 for small and medium-sized businesses, and new software releases for Nortel Networks Alteon Switched Firewall System to provide greater performance, flexibility and reliability.

Alteon Security Manager enables multiple security devices such as the Alteon Switched Firewall line to be controlled by a single device that presents a common interface for ‘one stop’ security management. It can also automatically detect security devices in the network and provide a common status report.

"The growing complexity of managing multiple security devices within the network infrastructure is a concern for Fuji-Xerox and our customers," said Akira Hirose, manager, Solution and Service Support Group, System Engineering Center for Fuji-Xerox Co., Ltd., an early adopter of Alteon Security Manager.

"To be truly effective, network security must be comprehensive across the infrastructure, and it must enhance the performance of the network," said Atul Bhatnagar, vice-president and general manager, Ethernet Switching at Nortel.

Alteon Security Manager is designed to strengthen security and reduce costs by automating time-consuming manual functions. Tasks that once required administration by trained professionals including configuration of each security appliance and each product in a security cluster can now be performed automatically.

Alteon Security Manager, Alteon Firewall 5109, Alteon Firewall Release 2.0 and Alteon Switched Firewall Release 3.0 are generally available today.

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