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Nortel delivers wireless mesh network to major Japanese university

The University of Tsukuba, one of Japan's major national universities, is creating a 'hot zone' to provide seamless...

May 29, 2006  

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The University of Tsukuba, one of Japan’s major national universities, is creating a ‘hot zone’ to provide seamless and secure anywhere, anytime communications for students and faculty using a wireless mesh network architecture.

The network from Nortel Networks Inc. will cover a 230,000 square metre area of the campus and enable outdoor broadband wireless access to the public Internet and the university network.

Students and faculty will be able to use laptops and handheld computing devices to access online and university resources as well as applications such as wireless VoIP. In-building wireless access for colleges, dormitories and other facilities is planned as part of future network expansion.

Nortel business partner Marubeni Solutions Corp. is handling network implementation.

“The availability of wireless broadband access across our campus will dramatically improve the research environment for our student body and teaching staff,” said Dr. Kozo Itano, director of Academic Computing and Communication Center, University of Tsukuba.

“It will also support our efforts to evolve Tsukuba into a highly creative university with a stronger international presence.”

Nortel’s Wireless Mesh Network uses wireless links to connect access points installed inside or outside to provide access to wireless broadband services.

It also allows enterprises such as universities to install wireless LANs in areas where it is difficult or cost- prohibitive to run cables.