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Nominations open for ITAC’s Ingenious Awards

April 29, 2015  

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The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is now accepting nominations for the Ingenious Awards, which recognizes the use of innovative technology to achieve business results. It is also seeking nominations for the 2015 CanadianCIO of the Year.

“As Canadians we can be a modest bunch,” ITAC said in a release. “We do great things that impact people in profound ways, but rather than seek applause, we too often turn away quietly and head back to the office to complete paperwork.

“It may be the Canadian way, but in the ICT sector it may not be serving us particularity well. We employ more than a million people and our Research and Development initiatives are stronger than any other private sector entity.  Yet our profile in the public is just short of invisible.”

At the 2014 Ingenious Awards Warren Roy of Vancouver Global Relay won a standing ovation when he called on the industry leaders celebrate industry success. Success breeds success, he insisted. Share the good news about innovation and ingenuity can only be helpful.

“The 2014 award recipients were exceptional examples of how excellence in ICT can touch people’s lives,” ITAC said. “They made flying easier, information storage safer, stock trading faster, ER visits more manageable and organ donation simpler. The winners measurably improved the way people work, access services, and communicate.

Sponsors for the awards are CGI, Dell Canada, HP, Intel, Softchoice, Xerox Canada and Ernst & Young. The ITAC CanadianCIO of the Year Awards are made possible with the support of HP and Microsoft.

The award nominations deadline is June 30 and further information is available at

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