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Nokia PON offering integrates WiGig to the home

October 16, 2017  

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Nokia today unveiled its Wireless PON solution, which it called an industry first that allows operators to bring gigabit services to customers using WiGig wireless technology, eliminating the need to bring fiber all the way to a home or building.

“With the number of gigabit subscribers expected to hit upwards of 65 million by 2022 operators have to rapidly evolve their access networks to better meet consumer demand,” the company said.

“Increasingly this requires bringing fiber to the most economical point, with multi-technology strategies – combinations of both fiber and DSL –  being used to quickly roll out and deliver new ultra-broadband services. However, there are areas where bringing fiber all the way to the home or building may not be feasible or cost-effective. To make the business case work, operators are turning to fixed-wireless access technologies that are becoming commercially viable due to recent progress made in wireless technology.”

The PON offering is integrated with WiGig, a high-speed, 60 GHz standard otherwise known as 802.11ad that the company says can be “easily mounted to telephone poles, street lights or a building façade.

“With the ability to connect multiple access points in a row or create a meshed network, operators can now bring fiber to a street corner or neighborhood instead of a building and avoid the costs of adding subscribers.”

Julie Kunstler, principal analyst with Ovum’s next-gen infrastructure practice, said the push for broadband connectivity in underserved and remote rural areas, and the need to fill gaps in urban and suburban wireline broadband coverage, are creating renewed interest in the use of fixed wireless access (FWA).

Nokia will demonstrate its Wireless PON next week at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin.