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New options replacing DAS, small cells in the enterprise: Report

May 3, 2017  

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Today, Mobile Experts released analysis on eight different vertical markets and how they will invest in mobile infrastructure. Mobile Experts senior analyst Kyung Mun highlights the trend away from DAS toward small cells, DRS, CBRS, and repeaters as low-cost options.

The report outlines detailed cost analysis on each technology choice for vertical market scenarios in stadiums, airports, hotels, hospitals, retail, corporate, and other vertical markets.

“The market is growing despite challenges to complex business models that hinder direct enterprise deployment of in-building wireless solutions,” said Mun.

“The demand for seamless mobile coverage and capacity indoors is becoming increasingly apparent, and with that, funding for in-building projects themselves has been growing as well.”

In last year’s report, Mobile Experts estimated the “value of wireless” to both mobile operators and enterprises in various in-building vertical segment including stadiums, hotel, hi-rise office buildings, hospitals, and more.

Analysis revealed that many enterprises can significantly increase revenue and property value if they invest in better in-building mobile coverage. This year’s report shows why Mobile Experts expects the Enterprise Mobile Infrastructure equipment market will grow at 18% CAGR from roughly 3.2 million radio node shipments in 2016 to over 8.7 million units by 2022. The forecast reveals how the market will grow, and what types of equipment are best suited for each vertical market.

As the in-building market transitions from the top end of the market (stadiums and airports) to smaller venues across diverse vertical segments, the traditional in-building market segments of DAS vs. small cells. vs. repeaters are evolving traditional product lines, expanding distribution partnerships, and honing market focus to address larger pools of smaller venue/dollar projects.

“Small Cells have been limiting, especially as they’re implemented as a single-operator solution. CBRS small cells can deliver a multi-operator solution with Wi-Fi-like simplicity and a low cost profile. In fact, it has the potential to disrupt the in-building wireless space by creating a win-win scenario for mobile operators and enterprises,” remarked Mobile Experts Senior Analyst Kyung Mun.

The new Mobile Experts report provides profiles on more than 80 companies, and highlights the rise of the neutral-host business model that will be critical to helping mobile operators and businesses to work together.

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