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New IoT-in-a-box solution for creating custom ecosystems

Digi International, a provider of IoT connectivity products and services, has lauched Digi Foundations, a subscription service combining hardware, software applications, services and support for creating connected environments.

March 21, 2019  

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Digi International, a global provider of IoT connectivity products and services, has announced the availability of Digi Foundations, a subscription service which combines hardware, software applications, services and support in a comprehensive IoT-in-a-box package for creating connected digital ecosystems.

The Digi Foundations solution touches every element of IoT deployment, including management and analytics. The solution includes Digi Remote Manager (DRM), a central, secure management application, which allows users to manage devices and the networks their data traverse. DRM allows users to configure, control and maintain their IoT ecosystems by providing a real-time view of network and device health, sending notifications when an alert is triggered, and diagnosing and potentially repairing remote devices without the need to deploy a technician.

Additionally, with DRM’s Cloud Connectors and open APIs, users can integrate the data they gather with analytics tools to gain even deeper insights into performance.

“Digi Foundations provides a unified service for remote device management, integration, cellular connectivity and data support leading to the creation of faster, more adaptable IoT ecosystems,” said Scott Nelson, vp of product at Digi International, in a company release. “We’re providing every element of our IoT stack expertise, allowing organizations to elevate their focus from tool management to the creation of mission-critical applications running on this next iteration of IoT networks. We allow the user to create the rules and we make the network work for their applications.”

In addition to being included in the purchase of the recently launched Digi IX14 (a secure industrial LTE router) and the WR54 (a high-performance wireless router for mobile and industrial environments) customers purchasing Digi routers will have the option to add the Digi Foundations subscription to their purchases.

The add-on subscription combines DRM, 24×7 support, a limited lifetime warranty, and access to essential application and Cloud Connector and Edge Compute software libraries to provide customers with the support needed to successfully manage their IoT.

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