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New Cogeco cloud app portal geared to SMBs

September 30, 2015  

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Cogeco Cable Canada said today it will launch its new”Online Productivity Tools” suite of cloud-based applications designed to meet the needs of its business customers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Quebec and Ontario next month.

The “Online Productivity Tools” portal offers a range of proven business applications renowned worldwide, the company said.

Cogeco is the first Canadian telecommunications service provider to offer the Google Apps for Work. Other apps available include Microsoft Office 365 as well as McAfee from Intel Security and F-Secure to provide computer security and protection, and Mozy to back up data online.

“Studies show that the interest of SMBs in the use of cloud-based business services has grown steadily in recent years,” said Anne Isabelle Roussy, vice president of marketing and product development at Cogeco. “These companies are increasingly using IT applications to support their employees’ work.”


Invoice and subscriptions will be available on a monthly or annual basis.

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