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NBASE-T Alliance holds information session at BICSI Fall Conference

September 27, 2017  

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The NBASE-T Alliance, an industry-wide cooperative effort focused on enabling the development and deployment of products that support 2.5G and 5GBase-T Ethernet, today lead a panel discussion “Save the Cables – Be a Hero!” at the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas.

“With the “With the massive installed base of 70 billion meters of Cat 5e/Cat6 cables and new generation 802.11ac Wave 2 devices on the market, customers need a viable answer to the 1Gb/s roadblock,” the alliance said. “Enter NBASE-T technology, compatible with the 2.5G/5GBASE-T IEEE 802.3bz standard, but with additional features, and enabling a 5x increase in bandwidth without the need to rip and replace cables.

“This is not a future hope, but a current reality and this panel discussion includes a systems vendor perspective on the benefits of using NBASE-T technology, a cabling vendor view on meeting NBASE-T requirements and a testing vendor’s insight on assessing existing installations for NBASE-T success.

The presentation also included examples of various industries and applications using NBASE-T technology.

The NBASE-T Alliance was founded in 2014 to build consensus and help streamline the development of a new standard. That standard, IEEE 802.3bz, was approved in September 2016 and is compatible with specifications published by the NBASE-T Alliance.

In addition, the specification includes features that further optimize networks based on the standard. The specifications enabled member companies to quickly develop and deploy 2.5G and 5GBASE-T products, making use of the large, installed base of copper cabling, such as Cat5e and Cat6, found in many places including enterprise, home and service provider networks.