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Montreal Police Service implements wireless CAD system

The Montreal Police Service's 4,000 officers can now obtain emergency information through a secure public wireless...

December 20, 2004  

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The Montreal Police Service’s 4,000 officers can now obtain emergency information through a secure public wireless connection, regardless of where they are located.

The new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System from IBM Canada Ltd. uses the public cellular telephone network to ensure that officers will not lose contact with dispatchers should they travel in and out of the primary network’s coverage area.

The system supports various telecommunications links including private wireless networks, cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and many others.

"Montreal already enjoys a relatively low crime rate but our police force responds to over 3,000 emergency calls per day," said Andr Bernard, systems administrator for the Montreal Police Service.

"Using a public cellular connection allows officers to access information regardless of where they are in the city, letting them serve the people of Montreal more effectively."

Wireless access to the CAD is made secure by IBM’s WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager software (WECM), which runs on IBM pSeries servers. It can send incident details, background information and electronic maps directly to mobile devices carried by officers in patrol cars, 24/7.

"This technology lets the police respond more effectively than in the past," said John Donaldson, WebSphere Executive for IBM Canada. "It keeps officers in touch with dispatch instantly, while they’re using a laptop in a patrol car. In the future, officers could even be able to stay connected while patrolling on foot and carrying a cell phone or PDA."

IBM Business Consulting Services was also involved in the project’s planning and implementation.