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Mobile UX on track as key priority in 2015: SoftServe

November 26, 2014  

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SoftServe, a global software application development and consulting company, together with ExecutiveBrief, has completed its annual Software Development Trends Survey for the fifth year. The survey highlights key software development trends and priorities for 2014-2015, as well as strategic priorities for the software development industry.

Some of the highlights of the 2014 survey include:

* In comparison with the previous year, more companies are working on defining their data analytics and data science strategy. This explains the growing need for adaptive and agile Business Intelligence tools and applications.

* With the disruptive convergence of physical and digital worlds, many companies report they are finding Mobile user experience (UX), Solution Architecture and Connection to legacy enterprise systems the most challenging elements of mobile solutions development. Mobile UX rose as an identified challenge.


* The exposure of data to recent frequent security breaches makes security a huge concern in the software development process. Most respondents indicated an interest and need for third-party assistance to load test security solutions, validate security measures, and develop sophisticated security measures to protect their data.

* As mobility increasingly becomes a key direction of software developers, companies are putting less effort into defining mobility strategies and are actively engaging in developing and implementing innovative mobile applications.

SoftServe’s Software Development Trends report also notes the continuous growth of third-party relationships in software development, with 70% of surveyed organizations engaging in outsourcing at some level, as well as providing clear evidences of increased interest and participation in outsourcing as part of a strategic business model.

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