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Mobile Experts ‘slice up the IoT pie’ in new report

August 30, 2016  

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Today, Mobile Experts released what it described as “the most comprehensive analysis ever published on the Internet of Things market space.” The new report, entitled IoT: The Big Picture 2016 takes a broad look at 36 different technologies and mapping 26 applications of the Internet of Things.

The company said in a release it has taken a “Darwinian approach” to the IoT market, analyzing key companies in each technology space to understand their ability to survive competition with very different technologies.

“Multiple IoT suppliers are counting on the same applications for success, and investing heavily without fully understanding the alternative technologies which address the same requirements,” said Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts. “Not everybody can win this game. Our unbiased analysis looks closely at the investment in each technology, to predict which companies can survive the war.”

Using a wide lens, Mobile Experts broke up the IoT market according to seven primary differentiators: Cost, Mobility, Range, Data Rate, Battery Life, Latency, and Reliability.

Contrary to popular hype, Madden claims that IoT is not a brand-new market, but rather an evolving one. For example, this report examines Asset Tracking by first analyzing the 8-10 billion RFID tags used annually, then investigating how the existing Asset Tracking market will move up to higher cost, longer range options. In other words, the analysis does not simply assume a standard growth curve for new technology, the research firm said.