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Major changes loom for IP test & measurement sector, report finds

Suppliers of IP test and measurement products face significant new challenges arising from a range of market change...

April 4, 2007  

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Suppliers of IP test and measurement products face significant new challenges arising from a range of market changes, including accelerated uptake of VoIP services by enterprises and consumers, as well as growing demand for products that cover triple-play and even quad-play services, according to the latest report published by Light Reading’s Enterprise VoIP Insider, a subscription research service

The report, entitled Test & Measurement: Changing Market Dynamics, examines what test and measurement suppliers are doing to ensure quality of service (QOS) at all levels of IP networks.

It also looks at how test and measurement providers can drive the market within their particular segments, including direct marketing and growth modeling.

The 13-page report covers 26 suppliers of IP test and measurement systems and other companies directly involved in the sector. The report compares vendors by the breadth of their product portfolios, their success in penetrating vertical markets, and their merger or acquisition prospects.

Although voice remains the predominant and most important service for IP-based network operators, the shift already is under way to add triple- and quad-play services to test and measurement product suites, said Denise Culver, a research analyst and author of the report.

Carrier customers are moving en masse towards converged services. Accordingly, they want to deal with a single test and measurement provider that can accommodate similarly converged services.

But even with this migration to multiple services, VoIP will likely remain the most critical service for QOS assurance, Culver adds.

The cost of replacing a lost VoIP customer can be as high as eight times the initial cost of deployment, so the last thing a carrier wants is to discover from a current customer that it has a service quality problem,” she said.

Unfortunately, according to providers of VoIP test and measurement products, that’s exactly how more than 80% of VoIP carriers learn about network quality issues.

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