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Light Brigade introduces Fiber Foundations online training course

October 25, 2017  

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The Light Brigade, AFL’s training and education division, has added to its online training offerings with the release of Fiber Foundations.  The course provides an overview of basic theory, terminology, key products and is a useful introduction to fiber optics for anyone involved in the industry or preparing to take further training.

“This course was designed with the novice in mind,” said Lee Kellett, general manager of Light Brigade. “Fiber Foundations introduces basic concepts for optical fiber communications using easy to understand language and examples.”

According to the firm, the course is “self-paced and takes approximately two hours to complete. The easy-to-understand descriptions include helpful examples and animations to reinforce learning. Students will leave with a basic understanding of multimode and single-mode fiber, the terminology used for describing fiber, loss, bandwidth, wavelengths, connectors, cables and many other foundational concepts.”

Kellett added that Light Brigade customers have been “asking for something that would help them better prepare for our introductory courses. We built something to help them and to help anyone just starting out in any aspect of the industry.”

Fiber Foundations is now available on the company’s learning portal.