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Leviton launches Snap-Link Mobile for Windows 10

December 9, 2015  

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Leviton today announced the availability of the Snap-Link Mobile application for use on Windows 10 devices, including Surface tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and smartphones. The app can monitor and control Leviton automation systems either remotely or locally and is offered without monthly fees or device licenses, the company said in a release.

Users can download it via the Windows Store on a Windows 10 device and use it on as many connected Windows 10 devices as they wish. Snap-Link Mobile also allows for control over multiple Leviton managed properties.

Leviton Omni security & automation systems provide control over residences and commercial properties spanning security, access control, video surveillance, distributed audio, temperature control and lighting or load control using wired and wireless devices.

“In today’s world, consumers can have complete remote control over almost everything including many technological aspects of their home or business,” said Craig Dewar, senior director of Windows marketing at Microsoft Corp.


From the app, an individual can:

* Disarm, arm or place your security system into vacation mode

* Unlock doors and gates

* View live surveillance footage

* Dim lights from 0-100% with slider bar

* Turn on/off connected loads including appliances, pumps, motors, compressors and more

* Adjust up to 64 smart Leviton thermostats at one time

* Turn on distributed audio throughout any property and change the source or volume

* Run macro buttons that enact a chain of events, which includes turning on appropriate AV equipment, dimming the lights, lowering shades, locking doors and more.

The Snap-Link Mobile app for Windows 10 is now available from Microsoft with a one-time download fee of US$19.99. It can be used in conjunction with Leviton OmniPro II, Omni IIe, or Omni LTe security and automation systems.