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ITU ‘Network 2030’ focus group launched to ID ICT, 5G advances

August 1, 2018  

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The International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations specialized agency for ICT, has launched a new research initiative to identify emerging and future ICT sector network demands, beyond 2030 and the advances expected of 5G systems.

The work will be carried out by the newly established ITU Focus Group on Technologies for Network 2030, which is open to all interested parties.

The ITU focus group said its aim is to guide the global ICT community in developing a “Network 2030″ vision for future ICTs. This will include new concepts, new architecture, new protocols that are fully backward compatible, so as to support both existing and new applications.

“(Its) work will provide network system experts around the globe with a valuable international reference point from which to guide the innovation required to support ICT use cases through 2030 and beyond,” said ITU secretary-general Houlin Zhao.


ICT use cases will span new media such as holograms, a new generation of augmented and virtual reality applications, and high-precision communications for ‘tactile’ and ‘haptic’ applications in need of processing a very volume of data in near real-time — extremely high throughput and low latency, an ITU press release stated.

Focus group chairman Richard Li of Huawei said “holographic type communications will have a big part to play in industry, agriculture, education, entertainment — and in many other fields. Supporting such capabilities will call for very high throughput in the range of hundreds of gigabits per second or even higher.”