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IIoT offering streams industrial data into the cloud

October 23, 2015  

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Kepware Technologies has announced the release of the IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX version 5.19. Built to support Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments, it streams real-time machine and sensor data into cloud-based software platforms for real-time analytics, the company says.

“This new technology will help organizations extract business insights and even create new service-based revenue streams from previously untapped machine data,” said Tony Paine, CEO, Kepware. “The IoT Gateway allows us to extract even greater value from the data that KEPServerEX is already collecting. Furthermore, we believe this technology has the potential to help bridge the long-standing gap between operations technology and information technology.”

According to the company, by leveraging the more than 150 communication protocols supported by the KEPServerEX platform, the IoT Gateway is able to stream data from thousands of industrial sensors and machines to cloud-based Big Data and analytics software applications.

“By collaborating closely with Kepware and utilizing the IoT Gateway as a hub for real-time machine communication, we are able to connect the shop floor to the data centre and see the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Chris Misztur, developer, MacLean-Fogg, a multi-national organization that engineers, manufacture, and distribute products for the automotive and power utility marketplaces. “Real-time analytics are helping us eliminate waste, improve process stability, and focus on innovation.”

McRock Capital, a Toronto-based venture capitalist that specializes in firms involved in IIoT, says the sector is made up of advanced sensors, intelligent machines, data networks and deep analytic software.

“We are entering an era where technology will maximize the efficiency of our most critical physical assets — devices, machines, cities,” it stated recently. “The IIoT is about capturing data, analyzing it to seek out efficiencies, and capturing those efficiencies in profitable business outcomes.

“The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the next wave of innovation impacting the way the world connects and optimizes machines. The IIoT, through the use of sensors, advanced analytics and intelligent decisioning, will profoundly transform the way field assets connect and communicate with the enterprise.

“Human generated Web data has nothing on the volumes of data being produced by machines. Today, data generated from machines is growing faster than any other source. Sensors on turbines, planes, trains, and other kinds of infrastructure are tracking thousands of gigabytes each minute.

“Software is eating the world and industrial markets are next. Consumer apps have blazed the trail but the risks and rewards are magnitudes greater in the high-stakes world of industrial software.”