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IDC releases its 2015 Canadian ICT predictions

December 16, 2014  

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International Data Corporation Canada (IDC) has released its findings regarding the top information and communications technology predictions for 2015.

The 2015 Canadian ICT Predictions are:

Apple Watch: A Landmark for Wearables: The launch of Apple Watch will invigorate consumer interest in wearables, helping increase overall consumer category shipments approximately 70% YoY to about 1.2 million by the end of 2015.

Over-the-Top Video Blows Past Digital Cable and IPTV: In 2015 Canada will see 9.5 million clients to paid, legal subscription or transactional OTT Video Services that are untied from traditional TV.


Chinese Vendors Steal Significant Share in the Canadian Mobile PhoneMarket: Chinese Smartphone shipments grew over 50% in 2014, and will see double digit growth again in 2015.

Enterprise Adopters of Mobile Apps Achieve Escape Velocity: Companies that invest heavily in developing internal mobile enterprise applications will edge out competitors by becoming more productive and collaborative.

Ultra-Portability Expands Desktop Market: Small form factor computers make up 15% of the Canadian desktop market. By 2016 this will grow to 28% with CAGR of 17%.

Amazon Sets Up Shop in Canada: AWS will open its first data centre in Canada in the next 12-18 months.

IT Pros Face Transformation, Turmoil and Career Choices: By 2020 IDC Canada expects up to half of IT jobs will look different than they do today.

Security Becomes the Top IT Priority: Over 4 million records of personal information of Canadians will be exposed in 2015.

Canadian Retailers Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT): IDC Canada expects IoT spending to reach close to $25 billion across all industries by the end of 2018.

IoT Catalyze Smart Cities Investments: In 2015 leading Canadian smart cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto will leverage IoT to catalyze their SmartCity investments.

Mobile Banking Becomes the Dominant Digital Channel for Bank Clients: Mobile banking will fundamentally change how banks interface with their clients. It will also be the growth channel for client interactions. Mobile innovation will become the top digital banking priority in 2015.

Big Data & Analytics will be the Most Important Ingredient to “Get IoT Right”: Growth rate for IoT Analytics will be three times the growth of traditional analytics over the next 3-5 years in Canada.

Line of Business Will be Directly Involved in 50% of New IT Investments: The rise of the IT engaged line-of-business executive is driving new influence and spending beyond the IT department within Canadian enterprises.

“2015 is expected to be a pivotal year on a number of fronts in the Canadian ICT sector,” says Tony Olvet, group vice president of research domains at IDC Canada. “Growth in the market will be primarily driven by mobile technologies and applications, including wearables, cloud services, and big data. Built upon these third platform technologies are industry-specific Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which we will see become more prominent as an emerging trend in the marketplace. Moreover, an increasingly important element being addressed in the third platform era is security, which will become the top priority for IT in Canada.”

“2014 was indeed the year of the breach,” added David Senf, vice president, infrastructure soutions. “As Canada gets set to add mandatory breach notification in 2015 through the Digital Privacy Act, CEOs will open up to IT requests for additional security budget and leadership. The disparity in security practices and prowess between heavily regulated industries such as finance and health, versus business services and manufacturing, should narrow somewhat, and consumers will need to learn more “how to” security basics and training.”


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