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Huawei announces new partnerships at CeBIT 2016

March 17, 2016  

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Huawei Enterprise Business Group this week launched new offerings and partnerships under its new marketing slogan — “Leading New ICT, Building a Better Connected World” at CeBIT 2016, the world’s largest ICT trade fair, which is being held this week in Hanover, Germany.

The lead theme of CeBIT 2016 is “d!conomy: Join – create – succeed.”

“Digitalization is impacting every area of business and society, and far from being a short-term phenomenon, it will continue to create new opportunities,” Huawei said in a release. “To succeed in the future, companies need to develop a customer-driven digital business now that can respond rapidly to changes digitalization is bringing.

“In this new era, enterprise ICT systems are shifting from siloed support systems to mission-critical production systems that enable efficient production, operation, and decision-making. ”


Speaking at CeBIT, Yan Lida, president of  the firm’s enterprise business group, said “as new ICT including Cloud Computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Software-Defined Networking mature, a cloud-pipe-device integrated new ICT architecture is emerging to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

Huawei said it aspires to build a “sustainable and win-win ecosystem by developing an open, flexible and elastic platform.

“Digital transformation is taking place across enterprises in virtually all industries. Leading enterprises are putting digitalization at the core of their business strategies to meet their customers’ evolving digital needs and gain a competitive advantage.”

The company also hosted three industry summits at CeBIT 2016, including the Global Safe City Summit, Global Financial Services Institutions (FSI) Summit and Global Internet Service Provider (ISP) Summit, bringing together industry experts to exchanges views and ideas on digitalization challenges and opportunities facing vertical industries.

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